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Experiences represent the essence of the tourism industry.

In recent years, consumers have been increasingly in search of experiences. Tourism experiences are undergoing constant change due to the growing importance  of  consumer  involvement, co-creation  and technology.


Revolution through technology!

What has  changed is  that technology  has not only  become  a part  of  tourism. Technology has revolutionised the way travel is planned and tourism services and experiences are created and  consumed. It follows that new opportunities, challenges and potentials in the field arised.

Technolgy Enhanced Tourism

Experience Hierarchy (Neuhofer, Buhalis & Ladkin, 2013)


New  types  of  tourist  activities

The integration of ICTs has particularly benefited the  facilitation of experiences. With new technologies, new  types  of  tourist  activities  are  emerging.  Technology can  both – transform  conventional experiences  and  result  in  the  opening  of new  types of  tourism experiences.

New experiences are predicted to be richer through multiple media. Technology can function either as a mediator or become the core experience itself.


High-level experiences

Many  studies  have  discussed the  impact  of  single  types  of  technologies,  such  as the internet, blogs, social media and networking platforms, while lacking to recognise multiple technologies in transforming the nature of tourism experience.

The integration of ICTs leads to enhanced experiences and an increase of value. The numbers of  companies realising high-level experiences that integrate ICTs on a holistic level throughout the customer journey are still limited, caused by the difficulty to create the highest levels of experiences and their limited evidence in practice to date.


ICTs and everyday life

However, with technological developments and  ICTs to everyday life, especially  for young  generations, it  is  evident that  tourism  organisations will  be  progressing through  the different  levels  in  the  hierarchy  and  gradually  integrate  technology  to  all  aspects  of  their  business  for  the enhancement  of  experiences.

As the constant  increase  of  value for  the tourist  is  the  highest priority in experience creation,  it  is important for tourism organisations to  evaluate  their  current experience and value created in  seeking  to progress  to  the next  level.

In this  process,  ICTs  will play  the  key role.

This  is  the  first  study  to  take  an  integrated  approach  of #technology  and  #co-creation in  experiences, and has developed  an Experience  Typology  Matrix.

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Neuhofer, B., Buhalis, D., Ladkin, A. (2014) A Typology of Technology-Enhanced Tourism Experiences. International Journal of Tourism Research, 16(4): 340-350.

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