My life’s purpose is to bring transformative education to the world. It is a great honour for me to be part of the educational journey of the next generation of humans. I teach students at many international universities around the globe, and train businesses and organisations on experience design, human transformation, and digital transformation.

All content is grounded in an interdisciplinary science-based approach, combining insights from psychology, marketing, management, economy, design, and applying these to the contexts of tourism, leisure and events, and the general service sector.

I have been an educator at many international universities for more than twelve years. I have several formal training qualifications, including a Postgraduate Certificate for Higher Education Pedagogy & Teaching Practice from Bournemouth University and I am a certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator trained by the Association of Master Trainers.

Since 2016, I have been based as a Professor of Experience Design at the Department Business & Tourism at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria. I am also Adjunct Professor at IULM University Milan, Italy and Visiting Professor at IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, Austria.

In my more than twelve years experience as an educator, I have had the honour to teach students from all around the world – from Austria to Australia. I have worked as a Lecturer at Bournemouth University, and have been visiting lecturer and research scholar at several international universities, including the University of Innsbruck, Austria, MODUL University, Austria, the University of Bolzano, Italy, Breda University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands, Vistula University, Poland, and Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland, and visited many further universities for invited guest talks.

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I have taught a wide range of subjects in experience design, services marketing, tourism management, digital transformation and eTourism in the past. For more detailed information on my twelve years of teaching experience. If you are interested, please contact me for my current CV. In order to be of best service in the world, I am able to take on only very few new selected teaching engagements. These are guest lectures, trainings or courses specialised on experience design and transformation.

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