My passion and purpose is to bring education to the world and it is a great privilege for me to be part of the educational journey of the next generation of humans.

My teaching content focuses on marketing and management related subjects, specifically focusing on customer experience, design thinking, innovation, trends, consulting projects, research methods, eTourism and digital transformation. All content is grounded in an interdisciplinary approach, combining my research and theories from marketing, services marketing, digital marketing, management, economy, psychology and design, and applying these to the contexts of tourism, leisure and events, and the general service sector at large.

Beyond my PhD, I have a Postgraduate Certificate for Higher Education Pedagogy & Teaching Practice from Bournemouth University and have been awarded with two international teaching prizes from – You’re Brilliant Award 2015 and 2016, from Bournemouth University. I teach mostly at postgraduate / masters level, and a few selected undergraduate courses. I also teach courses at the PhD / doctoral level on research methods, academic writing and publishing, research grant application and professional development and academic branding.

Since 2016, I am working as a Professor of Experience Design at the Department of Innovation and Management in Tourism, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria. I am also the Head of the Experience Design Centre and the Masters Programme Leader. In addition to my role, I am also a visiting lecturer several international universities, including the IMC Krems, Austria, the University of Innsbruck, Austria, and the IULM University, Italy.

In my more than 10 years experience as an educator, I have had the honour to teach students from all around the world – from Austria to Australia. I have worked 2014-2016 as a Lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality Management and as MSc Hospitality Programmes Leader at Bournemouth University, UK. I have been teaching and invited for guest lectures at 15 international universities, including the University of Surrey, UK, Edinburgh Napier University, UK, University of Alicante, Spain,  Vistula University Warsaw, Poland, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland, IULM University, Italy, University of Bolzano, Italy, Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands, MODUL University, Austria, IMC Krems, Austria, the University of Innsbruck, Austria, the University of California Berkeley, USA, and the University of South Australia, Australia.

Teaching subjects

It is my great pleasure to teach a variety of subjects, you can see an overview here.

For more detailed information on my teaching experience and subject, see my CV.

Teaching areas FH-Prof. Dr. Barbara Neuhofer

Student Testimonials

What students say about my classes…

“In Barbara’s class, we never experienced the state of boredom! Barbara makes every minute and every second interactive. Her class is not just about learning theories; she brings in activities and business partners to really allow us to learn from practical cases. Barbara is also very open-minded and constantly adopts our suggestions to co-create the lessons with us. She always goes the extra mile and helps us on both professional and personal levels!” (FH Salzburg, Master student 2021)

“Dr. Barbara Neuhofer is a diligent, caring, and life-changing Professor. She creates transformative experiences for students that guide them to personal and professional development, not only through her teaching methods, but in her kind and helpful character. As a professor and mentor, Dr. Neuhofer goes above and beyond to strive for her students’ success. She is inclusive and creative in her teaching methods in order to allow for each students to have his or her own personal experience in her class. Dr. Barbara Neuhofer changes the lives of the students she teaches, she and will continue to do so in the future.” (FH Salzburg, IMT Master Student, 2019)

“I enjoyed this course very much! The lecturer did her best to make the course interesting and interactive. I loved the small exercises we sometimes did. All in all, I think this format of a lecture is the best students’ can wish for – we learned a lot, sometimes it was challenging, and it was a lot of fun: PERFECT thank you!” (IMC Krems Bachelor Student, 2021)

“I would like to thank Mrs. Dr. Neuhofer for her efforts. Even in the difficult times like today she managed to keep the whole cohort on track and active during the lections. I enjoyed her courses a lot and I will be glad by any chance to have the possibility to learn from her again.” (IMC Krems Bachelor Student, 2021)

“Barbara’s infectious enthusiasm in the classroom makes her a student’s favourite! her love for the subject and innovative teaching style engages all the students in the classroom and she takes great effort to ensure everyone’s participation. She is easy-going and students feel comfortable with her approachable attitude. She brought technology to the millennials and appreciated every student’s work with constructive feedback. Barbara is inspiring and we all think we could not have a more brilliant tutor!” (Bournemouth University, You’re Brilliant Award, 2016)


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