teaching_bwProgramme Leadership 

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria

Head of Experience Design &
Masters Programme Coordinator
Academic Year 2016/17
Head of Experience Design Division
Programme Coordinator of Master of Arts in Business (MA) Innovation and Management in Tourism

Bournemouth University, UK

Masters Hospitality
Programme Leader &
Academic Advisor

Academic Years 2014, 2015 and 2016
Responsible for two postgraduate hospitality programmes:
MSc Hotel and Food Service Management
MSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management

teaching_bwTeaching Experience

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria

Unit/Module Leader & Lecturer
Academic Years 2016, 2017
Development of Innovative Products in Hospitality (Level 7)
Experience Design (Level 7)
Experience Design Case Study (Level 7)
Service Design (Level 7)
Tourism Related Aspects of Psychology and Sociology (Level 7)

Bournemouth University, UK

Unit/Module Leader & Lecturer
Academic Years 2014,  2015, 2016
Issues in Int. Hospitality & Tourism Management (Level 7)
Issues in Int. Hotel & Food Service Management (Level 7)
Hospitality Operations Management (Level 7)
Customers, Marketing Communications & Social Media (Level 6)
Global Issues In Hospitality & Tourism (Level 6)
Hospitality Management (Level 6)
Investigating Hospitality (Research Methods) (Level 5)
Guest Lectures
Academic Years 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
eTourism (Level 7): Technology Enhanced Tourist Experiences
Tourism & Hospitality Principles and Practices (Level 7): Experiences
Tourism Marketing (Level 7): Service-Dominant Logic, Co-creation
Marketing Communications (Level 5): Advertising, Interactive Marketing Communications, Direct Marketing, PR and Sponsorship
* Levels (UG 4=1st year; 5=2nd year; 6=3rd year; PG 7= Masters)

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria

Unit Leader
Academic Year 2011/2012
Scientific Research Methods (Level 7, Masters)
Bachelor Examination Committee
Academic Year 2011
Bachelor Oral Examination Committee (Level 6, Bachelors)

teaching_bwTeaching Areas

Service Design
Experience Design

Service and Experience Design
Experience Economy
Touchpoints & Customer Journey
Service Dominant Logic
Experience and Value Co-creation
Technology Enhanced Tourist Experiences
Digital Marketing
eTourism and Digital Technologies
Internet, Social Media and Mobile Marketing
Digital Services and Tourism Marketing & Management
Connectivtity and (Dis)Connectivity in Tourism
Trends and Tourism Management
Research Methods
Global Trends and Current Issues in Tourism and Hospitality
International Tourism, Hospitality and Innovation Management
Qualitative Research Methods
PhD Development
Academic Development
Academic Writing and Publishing
PhD Personal and Professional Development
How to develop your academic brand

teaching_bwStudent Testimonials

What students say about the teaching experience on:
First Live Action Role Play (LARP) 2017
“Wonderful experience, which lets you impersonate someone you might have always wanted to be – but never dared!” (IMT Master Student)

“The most creative setting to learn and meet new people. Escaping our roles as students and becoming a whole new person has been one of the coolest activities I have done at FH.” (IMT Master Student)

“After being a part of the LARP, I must admit that my personal and professional lives are forever changed. I am now encouraged to be a better person and to be prepared to work with person from all industry.” (IMT Master Student)

What students say about the teaching experience on:
You’re Brilliant Award 2016
“Barbara’s infectious enthusiasm in the classroom makes her a student’s favourite! her love for the subject and innovative teaching style engages all the students in the classroom and she takes great effort to ensure everyone’s participation. She is easy-going and students feel comfortable with her approachable attitude. She brought technology to the millennials and appreciated every student’s work with constructive feedback. Barbara is inspiring and we all think we could not have a more brilliant tutor!”
What students say about the teaching experience on:
You’re Brilliant Award 2015
“For outstanding support and dedicated teaching, while being enthusiastic and keeping the lectures interesting.”
What students say about the teaching experience on:
 with one of the most inspirational lecturers in BU . Thank you for everything  

 Reading feedbacks on our workshop, I’m totally over the moon. great teamwork&friendship coulnd fine at unit

 This term was full of friendships ‘n happiness. Thank you to be our lovely teacher

@mariekfoerste @barbaraneuhofer @zyovcheva 🙂 …one of the best lectures so far…it was worthy to drive from New MiltonWhat a great and interactive lecture about Technology Enhanced Experience and Augmented Reality! Thank you @barbaraneuhofer and @zyovcheva

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