Speaking Topics

Barbara is frequently invited to deliver keynotes, international talks and presentations at academic conferences, industry and government events. Barbara speaks about customer experiences and technologies and how technologies will transform and shape the way contemporary, consumer-driven and dynamic experiences are co-created.

Speech @ INTO 2016 Mallorca, Spain: ‘Experience Economy in the 21st Century: Creating dynamic and consumer-driven experiences through technology’ (English)
Keynote @ HOGASTNext 2017 Salzburg, Austria: ‘Erlebnisinszenierung in der Hotellerie: Visionen für 2020’ (in German / auf Deutsch)

Experience Economy in the 21st Century: How to Create Technology Enhanced Experiences


In the 21st century, two main paradigm shifts happened. First, people are in search of more unique,  memorable and co-created consumption experiences. Second, technology has become a catalyst of change that has revolutionised not only our everyday life, but numerous industries. It has essentially transformed the way we buy, consume and travel. This talk answers questions on how we can combine experiences, co-creation and ICTs to create innovative and contemporary consumer-driven experiences. How can we facilitate technology enhanced consumer experiences? Who is delivering industry best-practice examples? What technologies can we implement to facilitate such experiences? #co-creation #technology-enhanced #experiences #facilitation #best-practice

Experience Design: How to design extraordinary customer experiences?


Co-creation has become a key idea of the 21st century. It recognises the power of actively involving your consumers  in the production and consumption of products, services and experiences. This talk provides answers to several questions. What exactly is co-creation? How can apply the principles of co-creation in the service and tourism domain? Who are the actors and stakeholders in co-creation? How can I use technology to bring co-creation to a new level? Is co-creation the new tool to achieve competitiveness? #co-creation #personalisation #experiences #competitiveness

(Dis)connectivity in the Digital Age: Can we still go off the grid?


Travel has once been truly unconnected, with travelling being the means to get away and escape from everyday life. The technological revolution has changed this and turned tourists into connected consumers, who remain in contact with anyone, anytime and anywhere. While we all know the great benefits of technology, people are increasingly overwhelmed by the dominant technology use in everyday life and travel. This talk looks at both sides of the coin and tackles the controversy between connecting and disconnecting. The talk also provide insights nto Barbara’s own ‘digital detox walking’ experience where she entirely disconnected for three weeks. Several questions are discussed: Why do we find it difficult to disconnect? How can we disconnect? And why is it important to disconnect from time to time in an always connected world? #digitaldetox #connectedness #hyperconnection #digitalage #disconnectedness #offline #disconnecttoreconnect 

Further Speaking Topics

English language 
– Tourist Experience & Touchpoints
– Service and Experience Design
– Digital Transformation of the Customer Journey
– Digitalisation vs. Personalisation in Tourism
– Human vs. Technology: The Future of Tourism Workforce
– Innovations for 2020 – The Future of Experiences
– Storytelling and Experiences

German language / Deutsch
– Service Design und Personalisierung im Tourismus (Deutsch)
– Erlebninszenierung im Tourismus (Deutsch)
– Innovationen im Tourismus durch Erlebnisse (Deutsch)
– Storytelling im Tourismus: Wie man Erlebnisse erzählt (Deutsch)



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