The future of experiences and transformation

As part of my purpose in the world, it is my honour and pleasure to share my insights and wisdom on experience and transformation on the global stage. I am frequently invited to deliver keynotes and talks at international academic conferences, industry summits and government events.

I connect the dots of my interdisciplinary research and my own transformative experiences into powerful messages on how we can use intentional design to create human experiences that elevate human consciousness in our personal lives, professional contexts, and Planet Earth.

All of my talks are designed with purpose, infused with enthusiasm, and personalised for every event. Previous audiences have described my talks as “inspirational, foresighted, experiential. Deep academic expertise coupled with insights and embedded into great storytelling.”

For me, an inspirational talk is like gardening. It starts with the planting of a seed that grows into a seedling of an idea, and one day flourishes into a flower of beautiful action and impact, precisely where and when it is needed in the world.

Sample Talks

Here you find some sample talks, if you are interested in booking me to speak at your next event. All my talks are available in English and German.

Talk @ TEDxBucharest 2019, Romania “The Global State of Awe”

Talk @ Conventa 2021 “Towards the future of event experiences Human transformation, phygitalisation and planetary regeneration”


Talk @ INTO 2016 Mallorca, Spain: ‘Experience Economy in the 21st Century: Creating dynamic and consumer-driven experiences through technology’

Keynote @ Smart Tourism Congress Barcelona 2018 Barcelona, Spain: ‘Smart Travel Experiences in the Age of Transformation’

Sample Topics

My talks focus on sparking transformation. I combine the fields of psychology, design, and digital technology for human and digital transformation. I have more than twelve years background in the research of experiences and I coined and shaped the literature around Technology Enhanced Tourist Experiences.

Are you asking yourself these questions: What is next in experience design? What is next in human transformation? What is next in digital? How can we use design thinking to create transformative experiences? How can we use digital technology (AR, VR, AI) to enhance experiences and create transformative glimpses through technology-facilitated experiences?

In some of my recent keynotes I spoke about the following topics:

  • The States of Transformation: A journey on how to design transformative experiences. (2022, Breda University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands)

  • The future of experience design for transformation: Becoming fully human (7X Summit 2021, Experience Research Society, Virtual)

  • Towards the future of event experiences: Human transformation, phygitalisation and planetary regeneration (Conventa Trend Bar 2021, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • Digital technologies, AI for the future of experiences in tourism and events (2021, University of Bolzano, Bruneck, Italy)
  • Experience Design – Human Experiences in the Digital Age (Digi Talks 2021, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria)

  • What do Astronauts and Tourists have in common? New Perspectives for Tourism Experience Design (TTRA 2020, Innsbruck, Austria)
  • The future of event experiences in the age of transformation (WESTM Mice Conference, 2020, Belgrade, Serbia)

  • Event experience design: Emotions, memories and transformations (Future Leaders Forum, Warsaw, Poland)

  • 2020s: The decade of transformation and global consciousness (CSR Conference 2020, Warsaw, Poland)

  • The Global State of Awe (TEDx Bucharest 2019, Bucharest, Romania)

Further Speaking Topics

  • Further topics include:
    • Chief Experience Officer & Experience designers – the job of the future
    • Designing extraordinary experiences in tourism, hospitality and events
    • Welcome to the transformation age: From experiences to transformations
    • Transformation design: The next level of experience design
    • Experience design unlocking human consciousness
    • Smart tourism experiences in the age of transformation
    • Designing smart tourism experiences in smart tourism destinations
    • Technology enhanced tourism experiences
    • Future trends in experience design
    • Transformation design for social impact and planetary regeneration

All my speaking topics are ever-evolving. I do not give any talk twice. Every single talk is original and created from my current knowledge and visions for the future. Is there any topic you wish me to talk about that is not listed yet? Then, this gives us a perfect starting point to talk and co-create a new talk.

Get in touch and book me to speak