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Drawing upon more than eight years of research on Experience Design and eTourism, and receiving a PhD in tourism services marketing that developed the concept of ‘Technology Enhanced Tourist Experiences’, I am pleased to work with organisations to share my expertise and co-create knowledge in one of the following areas:

  • Service Design and Experience Design
  • Experience and Value Co-Creation (B2C, C2C Co-Creation)
  • Customer Journey and Touchpoint Mapping;
  • Experience Enhancement through Digital Technology
  • Experience Design and Storytelling

I am pleased to offer a range of services:

  • Keynotes and Talks
  • Talks on Panel Discussions
  • Open Lectures and Guest Lectures for Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Interactive Service Design and Co-Creation Workshops for Organisations
  • Interactive Workshops on Service and Experience Design Thinking and Methods for Organisations
  • Tailored one-to-one strategic consulting
1) Experience Design – Keynotes & Talks
  • Keynotes at conferences, industry events and organisation-internal events
  • Tailored practice-focused talks for businesses in the service industry

In my keynotes and practice talks, I give insights into the new mindset of the 21st century that has led us into the Experience Economy. I introduce the key principles of Experience Design and Co-Creation in the Digital Age and relate it to your business. All talks draw upon a broad theoretical and practical foundation of years of researched combined with international best-practice case studies from various service industries. This audience learns insights around the mindset, importance, practice use and effect of experience design to help your business apply the principles of experience design and put concrete measures into action. An extract of recent talks included:

  • The Experience Economy of the 21st Century: From Services to Experiences
  • Consumer-driven Experiences: How to create experiences and value in all service touchpoints and the customer journey
  • From Experience Design to Experience Co-creation: How to engage and co-create added value with your customers
  • Innovating Customer Experiences in the Digital Age: How social and mobile technologies enhance your customer experience
2) Experience Co-Creation Workshops for Businesses

With an experience of running experience design and co-creation workshops at British and Austrian university at postgraduate masters level, I facilitate Experience Design & Co-creation Workshops to businesses to help them, through a range of methods, develop innovative and extraordinary customer experiences. The moderated, interactive seminars are best run for small groups (management, department heads, employees) on a specific topic to a) assess the current offer, b) collectively develop experience value propositions, and c) map out the holistic customer experience your business wants to offer. Each seminar uses an appropriate combination of methods, such as the power of collective thinking, creativity methods, co-creation, service design, canvas, systems thinking, or rapid prototyping to develop a concrete ‘experience design plan’ at the end, co-created by your employees, tailored to your business. This format best fits small groups, 5 to 25 people (split in effective, small working groups).

3) Tailored Strategy & Consulting for Businesses

Drawing upon years of research and experience in working with tourism organisations (hotels, DMOs, IT firms and non-for-profit organisations) around the world, I am pleased to offer strategic one-to-one tailored consulting meetings that focus on solving of specific business problems, help evaluate the existing product, service or experience offer, fix service issues, and identify ideas and measures to turn products and services into unique, extraordinary and memorable experience and value propositions.

These one-to-one strategic sessions are entirely personalised and offered around your business needs. These include strategising of the experience economy and your business, how to create and enhance experience touchpoints, enhance the customer journey (before, during and after consumption), how to stage new experience offers, or how to develop online/offline campaigns that engage customers and allow you to co-create experiences with them through open innovation, crowdsourcing or co-creation campaigns. Theory-based knowledge and models are offered as the basis for problem-solving and developing an experience design strategy through process-led steps for your business, from idea generation to action plans to put new experiences into practice.

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