Experience Design Advisory

“I work with businesses to develop the mindset, framework and tools
to embrace the transformation economy and facilitate extraordinary experiences
and mutual value co-creation for and with the customer of the future.”


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Drawing upon more than eight years of scientific research on Experience Design and Digital Technologies, and receiving a PhD in services marketing that coined the concept of ‘Technology Enhanced Tourist Experiences’, I am pleased to consult, advise and work with businesses to share my latest research insights and expertise to co-create innovative ideas and solutions for your specific business problems in one of the following areas.

  • Service Design and Experience Design
  • Experience and Value Co-Creation
  • Customer Journeys and Touchpoint Mapping
  • Experience Design through Digital Technology
  • Experience Design and Storytelling

“I strive to take research insights and share them with the business world by asking inspiring questions, encouraging new ways of thinking and co-creating innovative solutions for your business.”

  • Keynote Presentations
  • Conference Presentations
  • Private Business Advisory Presentations and Workshops
  • Participation in Panel Discussions
  • Open Lectures and Guest Lectures for Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Service Design and Experience Design Workshops for Businesses
  • Workshops with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method
  • Tailored one-to-one strategic business advisory

I am a certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method facilitator and offer strategy workshop, service design, experience design and team building workshops to co-create new ways of thinking and problem solving for and with companies.

1) Experience Design – Keynotes & Talks
  • Keynotes at conferences, industry events and organisation-internal events
  • Tailored practice-focused talks for businesses in the service industry

In my keynotes and practice talks, I give insights into the new mindset of the Experience Economy and Digital Transformation Age. I introduce the key principles of Experience Design and Co-Creation in the Digital Age and offer a range of cross-industry insights to stimulate new thinking for your business. All talks draw upon a strong theoretical and practical foundation of years of scientific research, combined with collaboration and exchange with international businesses in the tourism and service sector. The audience learns insights around the mindset, importance, practice use and effect of experience design to help your business apply the principles of experience design and put concrete measures into action. An extract of recent talks included:

  • The Experience Economy of the 21st Century: From Services to Experiences
  • Welcome to the Transformation Age: Co-creating transformative experiences at the intersection of the physical and digital
  • Consumer-driven Experiences: How to create experiences and value in all service touchpoints and the customer journey
  • Creating the Smart Tourism Destinations of the Future: Put the human experience into the smart
2) Service Design & Experience Design Workshops for Businesses

With years of experience of facilitating and moderating experience design and co-creation workshops at British and Austrian university at postgraduate masters level, I offer Experience Design & Co-creation Workshops to businesses to help them, through a range of methods and tools, develop transformative customer experiences. The moderated, interactive seminars are best run for small groups of stakeholders (management, department heads, employees, customers) on a specific topic to a) assess the current offer (status quo), b) collectively develop experience value propositions and solutions, and c) map out the holistic customer experience your business wants to offer with a set of concrete recommendations ready for implementation. Customised to each individual client, each seminar uses the ideal combination of methods and tools, which could include service design thinking, co-creation, canvas, customer journey mapping, systems thinking, and rapid prototyping to develop a concrete ‘experience design plan’ at the end, co-created by your business, tailored to your business. This format best fits small groups, 5 to 25 people.

3) Interactive workshops with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method

As a certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator, I am pleased to offer interactive workshops for strategy development, service design, experience design, space design, customer journey mapping, and vision and team building by using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method. The moderated workshops are best run for small groups between 7 and 15 people. What would you like to discover or design? By building 3D visual models with the  bricks of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, you yourself will generate answers to your questions that you are not able to articulate in words yet. Through LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® multiple stakeholders of your business can be invited to develop a series of individual and shared visual 3D models of whatever that may be – your customer journey, innovation spaces, strategies and teams, – that will allow us develop a set of concrete ideas and recommendations to implement for your business.

4) Business Advisory

Drawing upon years of scientific research and experience in advising and collaborating with international tourism organisations (hotels, DMOs, IT firms and non-for-profit organisations) around the world, I am pleased to offer strategic one-to-one tailored advisory that focuses on sharing latest scientific insights, offering new ways of thinking, help evaluate your existing product, service or experience offer, fix service issues, and co-create ideas and recommendations to turn products and services into extraordinary and transformative experience and value propositions, in the physical and digital world.

These one-to-one strategic business advisory sessions are individually developed to address the questions and needs you may have. Advisory includes facilitating answers to your questions:

How can we turn our service offer into an experience? 
How can we develop a holistic experience that includes the entire customer journey?
How can we embrace customer empowerment and co-create with our customers?
How can we offer experiences in the physical and digital environment? 
How can we take experiences to the next level to facilitate transformative experiences for and with our customers?

What I can offer is scientific insights, understanding of trends, and a spectrum of experience design methods and tools and a team of interdisciplinary experts to bring you closer to answer these questions and guide you through process-led steps from idea generation to recommendations and concrete implementation plans to put a new experience offer into practice.

Are you ready to enter the world of experience design?
Let’s explore together how we can co-create experiences for and with your customers.
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