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In May 2017, Dr. Barbara Neuhofer, Head of Experience Design at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, has received the Paper of the Year 2016 Award for her journal article ‘Smart Technologies for Personalized Experiences: A Case Study in the Hospitality Domain’ in Electronic Markets – The International Journal on Networked Business (ABS 2*). Downloads and citations in 2016 as well as a set of quality criteria were used to nominate the papers.

“It is a great honour that our article was selected paper of the year, and we are particularly pleased to see that our study makes an important contribution to the field of smart tourism”, says Barbara Neuhofer.

Ende Mai 2017 wurde Dr. Barbara Neuhofer, Fachbereichsleiterin Experience Design am Studiengang Innovation & Management im Tourismus, mit dem ‘Paper of the Year 2016 Award’ in dem internationalen Marketing Fachjournal (2* ABS Ranking) ‘Electronic Markets – The International Journal on Networked Business’ ausgezeichnet.

Publiziert wurde eine Studie aus ihrer Doktorarbeit, die sich mit Experience Design beschäftigte. Das Paper beschäftigt sich mit der Anforderungskriterien von smarten Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien zur Personalisierung des Erlebnisses im Hotelkontext. (‘Smart Technologies for Personalized Experiences: A Case Study in the Hospitality Domain’)

“Es ist eine große Ehre, dass unser Artikel als Paper des Jahres ausgewählt wurde, und es freut mich besonders, dass unsere Studie einen relevanten Beitrag zur Wissenschaft im Bereich des digitalen Marketings und der personalisierten Erlebnisinszenierung leisten konnte”, freut sich die Preisträgerin Dr. Barbara Neuhofer.FullSizeRender

Abstract of the Article:
Recent advances in the field of technology have led to the emergence of innovative technological smart solutions providing unprecedented opportunities for application in the tourism and hospitality industry. With intensified competition in the tourism market place, it has become paramount for businesses to explore the potential of technologies, not only to optimize existing processes but facilitate the creation of more meaningful and personalized services and experiences. This study aims to bridge the current knowledge gap between smart technologies and experience personalization to understand how smart mobile technologies can facilitate personalized experiences in the context of the hospitality industry. By adopting a qualitative case study approach, this paper makes a two-fold contribution; it a) identifies the requirements of smart technologies for experience creation, including information aggregation, ubiquitous mobile connectedness and real time synchronization and b) highlights how smart technology integration can lead to two distinct levels of personalized tourism experiences. The paper concludes with the development of a model depicting the dynamic process of experience personalization and a discussion of the strategic implications for tourism and hospitality management and research.
Cite this article as: Neuhofer, B., Buhalis, D. & Ladkin, A. Electron Markets (2015) 25: 243. doi:10.1007/s12525-015-0182-1
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