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This year’s IFITT Doctoral Summer School 2017 was hosted at the ISCONTOUR – International Student Conference in Tourism Research at FH Salzburg University of Applied Sciences from 15-16th May.

Over 200 participants from 30 countries exchanged knowledge in tourism research. Representing all levels of Bachelor, Master and PhD, students presented a wide range of topics, from experience design, eTourism, virtual reality, augmented reality, smart tourism, sustainability and consumer behaviour.

Dr. Barbara Neuhofer facilitates two workshops for personal and professional development in academia. The first workshop aimed at helping students develop an academic identity and brand as a young career researcher, and the second workshop focused on the basics of academic writing and publishing papers in journals.

  • Creating your own brand identity
  • Academic writing and publishing

The organisers of the ISCONTOUR (Prof. Dr. Roman Egger (FH Salzburg) and FH-Prof. Mag. Christian Maurer (IMC Krems) and the Chair of the IFITT Doctoral Summer School, Dr. Barbara Neuhofer were very pleased with the outcome of the conjointly organised conference.

Pictures, materials and videos about the IFITT Doctoral Summer School 2017 can be accessed here:

The call for papers for ISCONTOUR 2018 can be accessed here: Call for Papers

Barbara says: “It was the first time that we co-host both conferences. Bringing together Tourism Bachelor, Master and PhD students in one conference is a unique format and we could enable a transfer of knowledge, experience sharing and exchange across all levels. Next year, at the ISCONTOUR 2018 in Krems, we aim to continue this tradition to offer students a platform for professional and personal development towards tourism research.”

IFITT Doctoral Summer School 2017 @ ISCONTOUR

The article about the IFITT Doctoral Summer School & ISCONTOUR 2017 in German can be accessed here:

Wissensaustausch bei der ISCONTOUR und IFITT Doctoral Summer School 2017

Aktuelle Ergebnisse aus der Tourismusforschung wurden bei der internationalen Studierenden-Konferenz ISCONTOUR am 15. und 16. Mai 2017 an der FH Salzburg präsentiert. Dieses Jahr fand gemeinsam mit der ISCONTOUR erstmalig auch die „IFITT Doctoral Summer School“ an der FH Salzburg statt, die jährliche Summer School der „IFITT“ (International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism). „Bachelor- und Master-StudentInnen als auch PhD/DoktorandInnen hatten die Möglichkeit, in interaktiven Workshops, Diskussionen und Methoden-Seminaren zusammenzuarbeiten und wichtiges Feedback von ihren FachkollegInnen zu erhalten“, erklärt Organisatorin Dr. BarbaraNeuhofer vom Studiengang Innovation & Management in Tourism.



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