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On 5th May, Dr. Barbara Neuhofer was invited for speech on the “Experience Economy in Tourism: Co-Creation of Innovative Travel Experiences” at the Cascais Tourism Forum 2017, in Cascais, Portugal.

The Cascais Tourism Forum 2017 is organised by the Cascais and Estoril Hotel Association (arhcesmo) to discuss innovative approaches for hospitality.  One of this year’s main topics was on customer experiences, and the role digital and smart technologies play in enhancing the guest’s experience in a hotel.

Barbara says: “It was an honour to be invited to the Cascais Tourism Forum 2017. It is an excellent platform that brings together the leading hotel owners and managers of the Cascais region to exchange knowledge around tourism futures and the role experiences and technologies play within that. The event location and hotels are outstanding and it was an absolute pleasure to experience Cascais.”

Dr. Barbara Neuhofer speaks at Cascais Tourism Forum 2017

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