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How can you create extraordinary and memorable experiences for customers? Master students study Experience Design at the Department of Innovation & Management (IMT) in Tourism at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.
This year in May, they learned the principles of experience design through a novel way of teaching, namely through the first a live action role play, conducted in a classroom.
On 9th May 2017, a first interdisciplinary Live Action Role Play (LARP) was organised by the IMT tourism study programme, and MultiMediaArt and MultiMediaTechnology programmes.
Multiple-day LARPs have become a major trend in the events industry and gain increasing importance for tourism. Tourists increasingly wish to actively participate, they seek immersive and extraordinary experiences. LARPs can offer an answer to that quest in enabling tourists to immerse themselves in a setting, take on a role and play a character perhaps from a different era.
“The first LARP was an exciting opportunity for our students to apply experience design theories into practice and experience a different kind of learning environment. Live Action Role Plays are a wonderful way to experience a story first-hand and it could become a major trend for tourism destinations as a way to tell a place’s story by letting tourists immersive themselves to become part of the story.” says Dr. Barbara Neuhofer, co-organiser of the first education LARP at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.
By experiencing a LARP student learned how the theories and principles of experience design are used in practice, had a chance to reflect on their own transformative experiences to take away lessons for their future when they design experiences themselves.
Students were enthusiastic about their very first LARP experience and their learning outcomes:

Wonderful experience, which lets you impersonate someone you might have always wanted to be – but never dared!” (IMT Master Student)

The most creative setting to learn and meet new people. Escaping our roles as students and becoming a whole new person has been one of the coolest activities I have done at FH.” (IMT Master Student)

Erstes interdisziplinäres Live Rollenspiel an der FH Salzburg 

Artikel zum ersten interdisziplinären Rollen Spiel an der Fachhochschule Salzburg im Studiengang Innovation und Management im Tourismus. Ein neues didaktisches Konzept zum Erlernen des Experience Designs. Wie kann man einzigartige Erlebnisse mit positiver Erinnerung für KonsumentInnen schaffen? Dies wurde von Master Studierenden spielerisch durch ein Live Action Role Play erstmals erlebt.


Class Experience at the Live Action Role Play (LARP)

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