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On 29th November, FH-Professor Dr. Barbara Neuhofer was invited for a speech on the topic “Smart Travel- How Digitalization Changes the Guest Experiences?” at the HGJ Fachtagung: “Travelling in the Digital Era” in Bolzano, Italy.

The HGJ Eurac Fachtagung: “Reisen im digitalen Zeitalter” was organised by the EURAC Research center and its main focus is the new mobility of travelers and guests through mobile devices that poses challenges for the hotelier and requires change and adaptation. The HGJ Eurac Fachtagung takes up this year’s motto of the World Tourism Day “Digitization” and is dedicated to digital travel behaviour and capabilities of the hotel industry.

Barbara says: “The key to personalisation is to use smart technology contextually, to facilitate the mostrelevant and meaningful experience to the right customer in the right place atthe right time.”

Barbara’s Sichtweise zum Thema Reisen im digitalen Zeitalter:

„Smarte Technologien begleiten die gesamte Reise von der Inspiration bis zur Heimreise. Im Mittelpunkt steht dabei nicht die Technologie selbst, sondern der Gast und das Erlebnis, das durch technologische Unterstützung individuellen Bedürfnissen entspricht, einzigartige Momente und unvergessliche Erinnerungen schafft.“

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