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It was a pleasure for Dr Barbara Neuhofer to keynote at the University of Alicante.

Dr Barbra Neuhofer was invited for keynote speech at the International Seminar #STDRM2017  in Alicante, Spain.

The Seminar was about ‘Smart Destinations: new horizons in tourism research and management’.

Dr Neuhofer gave a presentation on ‘Smart destinations and technology enhanced tourism experiences’.

Barbara @ Alicante 3Dr. Barbara Neuhofer

Interesting topics which were covered at the International Seminar #STDRM2017:

‘New challenges of research in Tourism and challenges for a new management paradigm’.

‘Smart destinations research, the state of the art’.

‘Smart destinations and new technologies: current situation and future scenarios’.

‘Smart destinations: experiences and future initiatives’.


Barbara @ Alicante

Picture with Prof. Josep Ivars, Paco Femenia and Prof Roland Schegg

The audience was very excited and praised the amazing presentation Dr Neuhofer held.
„We are what we experience“ was a quote for take-away.

With her contribution in Alicante, Dr Barbara Neuhofer has set steps to develop the smart tourism agenda further and has strengthened the on-going partnership between Fachhochschule Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and Alicante University.

“It was a great honour to participate in the conference, and great opportunity to meet colleagues from Alicante and worldwide who came to participate in the seminar. We had engaging discussions to set the next step to develop the smart tourism agenda further.”

Beyond that, Barbara says: muchas gracias for the invitation and the wonderful hospitality!

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