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On May 15, 2019 FH-Prof. Dr. Barbara Neuhofer gave the keynote speech at the Tourism Fast Forward Congress 2019 on ’Smart Tourism and the Future of Experiences – Smart and human?’

The key message of the speech was to think about the human aspect in smart tourism.

Smart tourism is not about the technology in the first place. It is all about humans, their experiences and value creation first. To create real value, we need to move beyond technology driven discourses, and instead find ways to achieve value creation that is integrated and sustained, and includes all – actors, resources, beings and spaces – within the ecosystem .

The Tourism Fast Forward congress looks into cutting edge eTourism developments of the tourism industry each year and takes place once a year in the Congress Center Mayrhofen. This year’s theme was about: Sustainable Tourism in Smart Regions. The programme can be found here:

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