Experiences. Transformation. Consciousness.

I am Barbara Neuhofer.

I am a Professor of Experience Design, a Transformational Coach, Keynote Speaker and Experience Design Consultant and Trainer.

My life’s calling is to spark, empower, and guide you on experiences and your journey of transformation to unlock your highest Self and purpose in the world.

Transformation design is about unlocking a journey to your highest Self. Unbecoming everything you are not. Becoming everything you were always meant to be.

About me

My name is Barbara Neuhofer. My life’s calling is to be an educator and spark transformation, which I am humbled to do in multiple settings. I work at several international universities and I am based as a Professor of Experience Design at the Department of Business & Tourism at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria. I am a Transformation Coach, Keynote Speaker and Experience Design Consultant and Trainer. My own life experiences and research focus on the intersection of experience design, human transformation, and consciousness. I integrate positive psychology and design to understand, intentionally design, and guide beautiful experiences that unlock journeys to our highest Self.

Areas of Expertise

My current research focuses on experience design for human transformation. Through insights from my own personal life’s journey of transformation and my scientific research, I research everything about experiences, transformation, digital transformation and value co-creation. The intersection of positive psychology, design and digital transformation gives me a unique lens to tap into the world of experiences and understand how through experiences we can elevate our human consciousness and bring value and positive impact to our personal lives, workplaces, and Planet Earth.

Experience Design for 
Human Transformation

Experience Design for 
Digital Transformation

Experience Design for 
Value Co-Creation


Words spark inspiration and transformation.

I have the honour to share my personal journey of transformation, scientific insights from research, and foresight of latest trends on experience design and transformation in my keynote speeches. I am frequently invited as an international keynote speaker and have shared my insights at over 100 scientific conferences, global industry summits, and business events around the globe.


To guide others means to transform ourselves first.

As a Transformational Coach, I work with individuals, thought leaders, executives, and designers to empower and guide them on their own personal journeys of transformation and personal growth. I help individuals navigate the challenges of transformative experiences, unlock their true potential, and create the highest version of their conscious Self. As an Experience Design Consultant, I work with businesses and organisations to help them create, design, and guide human and digital and transformative experiences  that make a positive impact in the world.


Education brings transformation to the world.

I am an educator and professor. It is a great honour to be part of the educational journeys of so many wonderful individuals. I teach a range of subjects connected to experience design at several international universities. I train companies and consulting firms with design methods on next level experience design to help them change the world of their clients and guests.

Humans I worked with say…

“Barbara makes every minute and every second interactive. Her class is not just about learning theories; she brings in activities and business partners to really allow us to learn from practical cases. Barbara is also very open-minded. She always goes the extra mile and helps us on both professional and personal levels!”

“Barbara is a mentor who introduced me to the world of Experience Design, while leading me on a transformative journey of my own. Throughout the last two years, Barbara has guided me to not only implement this principle into my projects, but also for me as a person, to constantly expand my skills, goals and horizon.”

“Dr. Barbara Neuhofer is a diligent, caring, and life-changing Professor. She creates transformative experiences for students that guide them to personal and professional development. She is inclusive and creative in her teaching methods. She changes the lives of the students she teaches, she and will continue to do so in the future.”

Stories from Barbara

ConferenceExperience DesignResearch PaperTransformation Design

ICE 2023: Keynote and Research Presentations on Transformational Leadership, Transformative Experiences and Co-creation

At this year’s International Conference on Events (ICE) 2023, FH Salzburg was well represented with no fewer than three contributions by FH-Prof. Barbara Neuhofer and two IMT Master’s students. This…
ConferenceExperience DesignResearch PaperTransformation Design

Surrey Conference 2023: Research Presentation on Transformative Event Design

Between 5 - 7 July 2023, IMT Master's student Nieke attended on behalf of Barbara Neuhofer and herself the Surrey 2023 Conference 'Bringing Hospitality, Tourism, Transport and Events Back for…
Research Paper

Destination Design of the Future: Digital, Intelligent and Sustainable Experiences

What will destinations of the future look like? In a recent book chapter publication by FH-Prof. Dr. Barbara Neuhofer and Lukas Grundner, MA, destinations of the future are explained at…

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