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Bournemouth University Department of Tourism and Hospitality
“Preparing the future leaders of the Tourism and Hospitality industry”
Dr Barbara Neuhofer contributes on video how we co-create knowledge with MSc Hospitality students and prepare them as future leaders of the tourism and hospitality industry



Dr Barbara Neuhofer interviewed on BBC South Today 9th March 2016:
Can we go off the grid and truly switch off on holidays?

Barbara Neuhofer’s presentation on the ‘Experience Economy in the 21st Century: Creating dynamic and consumer-driven experiences through technology’ at INTO (November 2016)


Barbara Neuhofer speaks in Bournemouth University: Creating the Leaders of Tomorrow video (June 2016)

Barbara’s event and opening speech at EPSRC Balance Network Event “Digital Work Life Balance: Going off the Grid: Can employees really switch off during travel?” (March 2016)

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IFITTtalk@Bournemouth – Smart Tourism Workshop, Bournemouth July 2015

Barbara’s interview on her research on Technology Enhanced Tourist Experiences with the Digital Tourism Think Tank  (June 2013)


Barbara’s presentation about creating Technology Enabled Tourism Experiences (June 2013)
Barbara Neuhofer (BU eTourismLab) presenting Technology Enhanced Tourism Experiences at the BU Festival of Learning.