TEDx Bucharest 2019 Talk “A Global State of Awe”

Fast forward to November 2020, we are amidst a global pandemic that forced us not only to halt and pause, but to reflect and introspect, and to make space for new values, ecosystems and symbiotic ways of co-living as humans on Planet Earth.

Metamorphosis through Experience Design

At TEDx Bucharest, in November 2019, Paul Bulencea and FH-Prof. Dr. Barbara Neuhofer posed the question “What would it feel like if we all paused for a moment?” With their extraordinary crew members Thomas Mertlseder, Michael Riemer and Bartosz Nowak they designed an immersive auditory talk experience for an audience of more than 1500 people that explores whether we can create awe-inducing experiences here on Earth for a global mindset shift and a long-lasting transformation.

The extraordinary crew Thomas Mertlseder, Bartosz Nowak, Michael Rieme, Dr. Barbara Neuhofer and Paul Bulencea.

A Global State of Awe

The Global State of Awe is a unique talk-experience aiming to give insight into the awe-inducing event and mindset shift that astronauts have when looking at Earth from space, known as the overview effect. Astronauts who have seen Earth from space report an explosion of awareness that triggers a new relationship between one’s self, others and the environment.

“Intellectually, I knew what to expect. I have probably looked at as many pictures from space as anybody … so I knew exactly what I was going to see … But there is no way you can be prepared for the emotional impact … It brought tears to my eyes.” –  Don L. Lind, astonaut and STS-51-B mission specialist

Enjoy the TEDx Talk

With our talk-experience we invite you to have a glimpse into inner space through an auditory experience. Make sure to set aside 20 minutes of uninterrupted time with headphones to properly dive into the experience.

Breathe, be brave and enjoy the moment!

If you are interested in the ‘Behind the Scenes’ Interview with the Extraordinary Crew right after exiting the TEDx stage, then watch this exclusive interview.

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