‘Smart Destinations: new horizons in tourism research and management’ – Dr Barbara Neuhofer keynoting @ Universidad de Alicante

It was a pleasure for Dr Barbara Neuhofer to keynote @ University of Alicante.

Dr Barbra Neuhofer was invited for keynote at the International Seminar #STDRM2017  in Alicante, Spain.

The Seminar was about ‘Smart Destinations: new horizons in tourism research and management’.

Dr Neuhofer gave a presentation on ‘Smart destinations and technology enhanced tourism experiences’.

Barbara @ Alicante 3

Interesting topics which were covered at the International Seminar #STDRM2017:

‘New challenges of research in Tourism and challenges for a new management paradigm’.

‘Smart destinations research, the state of the art’.

‘Smart destinations and new technologies: current situation and future scenarios’.

‘Smart destinations: experiences and future initiatives’.


Barbara @ Alicante

The audience was very excited and praised the amazing presentation Dr Neuhofer held.
„We are what we experience“ was a quote for take-away.

With her contribution in Alicante, Dr Barbara Neuhofer has set steps to develop the smart tourism agenda further.

Dr Neuhofer says  muchas gracias for the invitation and wonderful hospitality!

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